Pottery Demonstrations Video Gallery

2015 Master Class and Exhibition Conversations in Clay, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

2013 V&A Channel Michelle Erickson

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2015 MAM Teens: Art and Music Part 1 - Michelle Erickson, Texas Tea Party

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2014 The Clay Studio. Pottery by Design featuring Michelle Erickson.

2104 Metropolitan Museum of Art Lecture Demonstration, Michelle Erickson An Artists Perspective METMEDIA

2014 NCECA Demonstrating Artist Interview and Demonstration

2014 NCECA Michelle Erickson 2014 Demonstrating Artist Excerpt

2013 Deception: Ceramics and Imitation, Video installation V&A Ceramics Room 146. Aug 2013- March 2014

2011 The Potters Art: The Making of a Moravian Squirrel Bottle

2011 making an agate mug

making a ring bottle

2009 Making a Delft Posset Pot, The Chipstone Galleries, Milwaukee Art Museum.(Courtesy of Historic Deerfield Inc.)

2009 Agateware Technology DVD, The Chipstone Galleries, Milwaukee Art Museum (excerpt from Ceramics in America 2003)

2002 "Making a Delft Posset Pot." Produced for Historic Deerfield Inc.'s exhibit: "Delftware: A Delicate Deception"

2001 Milwaukee Art Museum, Ceramic Installation and Video Display of 18th-century ceramic technology

2000 "Early Colonial American Pottery Techniques" Produced for Colonial Williamsburg's Annual Antiques Forum

1996 "Making a Puzzle Jug" Produced for Colonial Williamsburg's exhibit: "Revolution in Taste"