Ceramics Print Publications

2018 Pottery Is Political, Nick Stagliano

2017 Contemporary Artists Give Centuries-Old Ceramics a Modern Twist, Wall Street Journal Magazine

2017 Michelle Erickson: Projecting A Hypothetical Future; Reflecting on a Problematic Past
Originally published in April 2017 issue of Ceramics Monthly. http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org. Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.

2016 Magnificent Marbling: Using Colored Slips to Create Marbled Patterning on Pottery


2014 Flow NCECA Invitational Exhibition, Ceramics Monthly

2014 Demonstrating Artist Profile, NCECA Journal 2014

2013 Ceramic Review Magazine, Agate Teapot May/June

2012 The Magazine Antiques, July Aug Issue

2011 How to Create Agateware Pottery Using Colored Clays and a Plaster Press Mold

2009 "Slipware Marbleizing" Pottery Making Illustrated, Jan/Feb 2009. Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter

2009 The Present Learns From the Past, The Magazine Antiques September 2009. Eleanor H. Gustafson

2008 Michelle Erickson, Korean Ceramics Monthly

2008 "Conflict Ceramics" Ceramic Review July/Aug issue UK, Robert Hunter

2008 "The Ceramic Works of Michelle Erickson" 9th Annual New York Ceramics Fair Catalogue, Robert Hunter

2008 "Glazes of Gory" Art & Antiques Collectors Sourcebook Winter 2008, Marilyn Fish

2007 "Art of Recreation" Virginia Living Magazine,October 2007, Anne Wright

2004 "Specializing in the Diverse" Kerameiki Techni ( July) By Rob Hunter

2004 "Cataclysmic Ceramics", Studio Potter (January) By Robert Hunter

2003 "Making History", Ceramic Review (March/April) by Robert Hunter

2002 "Michelle Erickson", American Craft (August/September) by Glenn Adamson

2001 "The Stylized Works of Michelle Erickson" Ceramics: Art and Perception. Issue No. 46 by Robert Hunter

1999 "Period Designs," William and Mary Alumni Magazine (Fall)

1998 "Masterworks: Period Designs in Yorktown," Colonial Homes (May)

1996-1997 "The Freshest Advices" Colonial Williamsburg Journal (Winter)

1995 "At Period Designs," Early American Life (April)